What should I do if I find a sticker on my door for a failed delivery attempt?

If the courier does not find the recipient at the specified address, he will call the recipient's telephone number indicated in the bill of lading. If he is able to contact him, he agrees on whether to make a new attempt at delivery or to redirect the shipment. If the courier fails to contact the consignee, he contacts the sender on the telephone number indicated in the consignment note and agrees whether the consignment will be diverted, returned or delivered on another day. When the courier does not find the recipient and the sender, he returns the shipment to an Express One office. A second delivery attempt is made after consultation with the recipient.

How can I handover a shipment for transport?

The takeover can be done:

  • through a request for pick-up by a courier of Express One at shipper's address
  • through request for pick-up by a courier of Express One at a third party's address
  • trough drop-off of the shipment at one of the offices of Express One

Pick-up by courier can be requested on official working days. Pick-up requests can be made online (available for business clients only) or via phone.

Pick-up schedule by town
What should I do in case my shipment is lost or damaged?
Contact our complaints department.
Is my shipment insured?

Each shipment is automatically insured for damages during transport up to BGN 18. If you want insurance above this amount, you can conclude an additional insurance

How long can I request a courier so that my shipment can be picked up today?

It depends on the location where the shipment is to be picked up.

Schedule for shipment pick-up by town
How to find out where is my shipment?

You can always check the status and location of your shipment by entering the number of the airway bill here.

Track shipment status 
How can I pay for the courier service?

You can pay for the courier service in cash (possible only in an Express One office) or by bank transfer (only for corporate clients with a contract).

What does volumetric weight mean and what is it used for?

Volumetric weight is a technique for pricing transport services, incl. courier and postal services, using an approximate weight calculated on the basis of the length, width and height of a package. The need for this method of calculation is that light and low-density packages become unprofitable for hauliers due to the amount of space they occupy in the truck (aircraft / ship) in proportion to their actual weight.

The concept of weight dimensions has been adopted by the transport industry around the world as a single means of establishing a minimum charge for the cubic space occupied by a package.

The volumetric weight is calculated by the following formula:

Volumetric weight (kg) = Height (cm) x Length (cm) x Width (cm) / 6000.

It is rounded up to a whole kilogram. If a difference is found with the declared weight, the control weight is considered correct. Shipments are charged at the higher value between the actual or volumetric weight.

What are the deadlines for delivery of shipments?

The terms for delivery of shipments for the internal courier service depend on the area of the recipient's location. 95% of the recipients live in settlements of zone 1, where the delivery takes place within the next working day after taking the shipment for transport.

Delivery times

  • Zone 1: on the next working day after the day of dispatch
  • Zone 2: up to 48 hours after dispatch
  • Zone 3: up to 72 hours after dispatch
Domestic zones by towns

Delivery times for international shipments depend on the service (express or economy) and the zone of the recipient's country. For accurate information:

Zones international economy serviceZones international economy service
What are additional services?

Adiitional services are services that are not included in the main service *, but are provided at the request of the sender. Some additional services require an additional charge. Express One offers additional services  for domestic shipments.

What is cash on delivery (COD)?

Payment by cash on delivery means that the buyer orders the goods without paying in advance (for example by credit card or bank transfer), i.e. payment for the goods is made at the time of delivery. The courier hands over the shipment to the recipient (or another person at the address) only after receiving the amount of the COD payment. Currently, payment can only be made in cash. Express One plans to introduce card payments.

How is the COD amount paid to the sender?

The amounts of cash on delivery collected by Express One couriers are paid by bank transfer to the sender's account (for corporate clients) within the period specified in the contract with the client.

How is the price of the shipment determined?

The prices of domestic shipments are determined depending on the weight of the shipment, the additional services requested by the sender and the fuel surcharge. 

Prices by weight can be found here

You can find the prices of the additional services here

How can I file a complaint?
Please contact our Claims department.
What is a shipment barcode and what is it used for?

The barcode of the shipment is the machine-readable marking corresponding to the number of the airway bill (shipment). The shipment number is necessary to ensure the traceability of each shipment from the time of collection from the sender to the time of delivery to the consignee.

Each shipment, and even each package of the shipment, has its own unique number.

The expected shipment did not arrive, what should I do?

The reasons for non-delivery of the shipment are diverse. The most common reason is that the courier was at your address when you were not at home. It is also possible that the sender requested the return of the shipment before the delivery attaempt. In addition, the parcel may be damaged during transport, may not have been picked up from the sender, or the sender may have sent the parcel to the wrong address. For these and other reasons, the expected delivery time may not match the actual time.

To get more information about the status and location of your shipment, check the delivery status via Track & Trace. In most cases, this will clarify where it is and what happened to the shipment.

If it turns out that the courier has not found you at home and has not been able to contact you by phone, please arrange a date for subsequent delivery on this phone number: 0700 10 100

If you still don't know what to do, contact our customer service staff to help you: 0700 10 100

What is Track & Trace and what is it used for?

On the Express One website it is possible to track or search for packages, the so-called Track & Trace, through which you can find out where your shipment is at any time. To search for the shipment, you must enter the airway bill number (also called shipment number). You can find it in the email you received from us.

We recommend: if you do not have a shipment number, contact the sender to give it to you.

If you have additional questions about the delivery of your package after checking the status of the shipment, contact the customer service department: 0700 10 100

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When will my shipment arrive?

The parcels are delivered every weekday from 9:00 to 18:00.

We recommend to contact us in case that neither you, nor another member of your household cannot be at the address within the specified time.

If you need further details, do not hesitate to contact our call centre: 0700 10 100

You can always check the status and location of your shipment by entering the shipment number:

Find your shipment