The maximum allowable weight of a shipment is 70 kg. Within the permissible weight, the shipment may consist of more than one package / package (so-called multi-colli shipment)

Delivery times

Delivery times depend on the zone of the country in which the recipient's address is located.
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Terms and conditions international express service

Prohibition for the transportation of money, live animals, objects of exceptional value and harmful materials, according to the norms of the Bulgarian legislation.
There are no restrictions on the weight of the shipment, as the bulk density is calculated by the formula height / width / length divided by 6000.
Express One provides its customers with the opportunity to insure their shipments, the fees for which are paid by the sender at  handover of the shipment to the courier of Express One.
At the customer's request, Express One provides feedback on the date, time and name of the recipient of your shipment.
A shipment containing up to and including 2CDs is considered documentary.
The indicated prices are for export shipments payable in Bulgaria.
From 1 January 2007, VAT is charged on transport costs for the member states of the European Union.
The indicated prices will be charged a "Fuel surcharge", which is subject to update every month, based on the change of the selling prices of fuels in Bulgaria.