The sender has to provide packaging for the shipment, as well as reliable strengthening and compaction of the contents within the packaging itself for safe ground transportation and delivery.
The packaging must be reliable for the protection of the contents of the consignment, to ensure the rigidity and reliability of the consignment, to have internal and external insulation of the objects against mechanical damage. Shipments covered only with polyethylene film and / or thin paper are considered unpackaged.
The contents must remain firmly in the package. There must be no room for movement (less than 10 mm). Do not use bulk filling - allow movement during transport.

Principles of correct packaging

Make sure that the box allows enough space to line the product on all sides. Fragile goods must be packed in double corrugated cardboard to withstand many external and internal physical influences. Reusing old cartons is fine - provided they are in good condition and have no holes, cracks or damage in the corners.
The inner packaging materials are used to immobilize products in the box, lock the product in one place or fill a gap. The pads must be able to absorb shock and vibration. Sensitive products require materials that bend and return to their original shape, and each sensitive item must be packaged separately. The contents should never come into contact with the outside of the package.
The allowable sizes of the shipments are as follows: 
  • Domestic shipments: the maximum weight of the package is 50 kg, the maximum weight of the pallet is 500 kg. Maximum length of shipment - 3 m without coordination and 6 m after coordination on phone number 0885600007.
  • International shipments: 150/100/100 cm and weight maximum 50 kg per single package (for certain destinations the weight is limited to 32 kg per single package - for more information:  Terms international shipments
  • For more information on non-standard shipments:  0700 10 100.